To change some of the negative ways that you may think, feel, believe, communicate,  which override what you are really wanting to create, which bring you down and can hold you back from seeing the real You!  The truly  beautiful, unique authentic person that you know deep down you are?


Are you ready  to make some changes with the help of magical healing energy which can help you to create and Live a life that can bring you deeper happiness, less anxiety, more calm, bring more purpose, a sense of satisfaction and success?  

To heal and create emotional well being, a positive and optimistic mindset, and connect to your ultimate Soul Magic !

Welcome to my online space! 


I am Glo Ramsay - Change Catalyst ! 

 ThetaHealer® and Spiritual Life Coach, Assertiveness Coach,  and I love to help people who are ready to recognize their full potential and their true life purpose ! 

Curious and want to know more?

Why not Book your free 15 minute complimentary consultation!

Do you really believe in Yourself  ? 

Are you confident  and ready to take on any challenge ?

Are you happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life ?

If you answered Yes to these questions Congratulations and I am totally thrilled for you and you won't need to check out the rest of my page unless you want to find support  for someone else in which case please stay!  

If you answered No, then please don't leave until you have looked a little closer at how I may well be able to help you turn that No into a great big YES !  

If you have a No, then maybe you have a critic that lives in your head that nags you and tells you that you  will never be good enough?

That you will never be successful? 

That life  always seems to be against you?

Believing  that you are useless?

Feeling like you are a  failure? 


These beliefs, feelings, and patterns of thinking,  are probably coming from some deeply held subconscious patterns which have formed  during your life, most of that happening within the first 7 years which is a time when we are still learning, observing, and making meaning about life from a child's perspective. 

On the other hand we can also carry the memories and the wisdom of our past.  Those moments when we find ourselves doing something new for the first time and know immediately how to use the tools, feel comfortable with this new experience and know deep within our souls, that " I've done this before " ! 

Past life experiences which our soul recalls and prompts us to recall and remember  !  

This is the positive part of us.  Our Soul's Intuitive Magic !  That part of you which when you fully connect to will enable you to Love yourself  with compassion, and unconditional love.

Subconscious beliefs fill at least 95% of what we know.

 Conscious beliefs hold just 5% of our awareness. 

Would you like to identify the negative conscious and subconscious blocks that can sabotage your success in your relationships, health,  sporting achievements, business & financial success ?

To clear and replace them with the Love focused, empowering, positive beliefs?

Beliefs that can empower you to live the life you came here for?

To embrace Your Soul's Intuitive Magic and

Create a future that you will Love  ? 

ThetaHealing® with Glo

may really help !



Hi, I'm Glo

Glo Ramsay -  Change Catalyst
Intuitive Counselor - Reader
Spiritual Life Coach
Assertiveness Coach
Parenting Coach & Educator





ONLINE  via Skype or Zoom​ ​

IN PERSON  face to face  by appointment

In Wellsford Auckland New Zealand


 ALSO Thursdays by Appointment  
At Waipu Natural Health ,

3 Cove Road, Waipu (opposite Pizza Barn)

Other  locations by prior arrangement or as advertised


Check  Glo's  Facebook page. 

Phone or text Glo +64 0273638833



"Glo truly transformed my life and I am so grateful."  Christine

"Glo was incredible!  I still feel amazing."


"I’m so Happy!  I feel so much lighter!" Tina

“I first went to see Glo because I was struggling with anger.  I had lost two significant people in my life and part of that grief process left anger. 

Glo is incredibly intuitive.  She picks up on exactly what you need, and after that one session I felt a lot better.

I have sent my sons, father and sister to see her and they have all found her to have made a difference to their life. ”



"The feeling of peace and calm was beautiful.


I felt an openness and enlightenment I don’t recall experiencing before."   Mary

"I'm so glad I came to your Parenting course.It has helped my relationship with my daughter and with my husband.  They are both now getting a much better version of me. I totally  recommend you to other parents because my child deserved the best version of me  and thanks to you she now has that!  Thank you ! " Laura D. 

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