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 Intuitive  Soul Magic 

Spiritual  Counselling and Coaching with Glo !

Trustworthy  Angelic and Spirit Guided Readings  


Compassionate Spiritual & Emotional Energy Healing 


Optimistic Mindset Coaching



Are You feeling called to:


Increase Your Spiritual Awareness 

and Connection ?  

Strengthen Your Self Belief?

 Manage your Mindset creatively? 

Keep your Emotional bucket topped up and balanced?
Communicate assertively? 
Feel confident?

Let go of guilt when it comes to doing things for yourself like

taking time out for your own nurture and  self care? 

Stop staying Yes when you really need to say No? 

Strengthen your ability to manage challenges like: 





Emotional overwhelm,

Grief  & Loss,



Trauma and Abuse,


To Uncover and clear negative  subconscious and destructive beliefs such as :

Feeling Unworthy,




Never Feeling Good Enough, 

Worthy Enough, 

Low Self Esteem,

Low Confidence

& more ?  


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What type of footprint do you really want to create ?  

To Intuitive Soul Magic  !

A truly warm welcome to my little space in cyberspace.

I am Glo Ramsay and I'm so very excited to be getting this website finally up and running.  
Over the years I have been blessed to discover that within the deepest part of my heart and soul, I have been gifted with the ability to help others who have also been wounded  with their own healing journeys and to discover their own hidden gifts.  Having been wounded myself, gives me a deeper understanding as I accompany others on their own healing journeys. 

I love to help people like you to discover just how amazing it feels to love your life, as  much as life truly loves You!  To help you to see &  step in to your true potential.  
To  recognize what amazing gifts you have within your own  heart, your own Soul. 

You were born with these, and nothing can ever destroy that or take them completely away. 

Some may try, but the tiniest spark is all it takes to reignite the fire and restore flame of the Magical Energy of Unconditional Love and all that comes with that ! 

My newest book "Soul Awakening"  which has been many years in the writing, will explain my  own healing and Soul Awakening  journey and how it has brought me to this point in time.  
This is due to be released on the 5th August 2021, exactly one year after the release of my  first book " Soul Destruction - the Ultimate Betrayal".   

Marianne Williamson wrote this about it :

“Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices and the acceptance of love back in our hearts. Love is the essential reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life. Meaning does not lie in things. Meaning lies in us.”

This is the gift that we can each choose to accept and nurture starting with ourselves, and then to share with others, starting in our roles as parents, teachers, community members, citizens on planet earth,  as we raise our most vulnerable and  precious tamariki, our children !  

Imagine what a difference it could make to our world if enough of humanity actually got this right with children! Imagine a community of children growing up without any of the negative baggage. 

What a difference that could make to our world.  We wouldn't need to be doing any healing.  We would all be healthy and left with no baggage.

I had to learn all of this the hard way, like most of humanity.  But even so, this is what motivates me now to help others to discover this within themselves at a much earlier stage of life than I was at before finding it within myself.  

I had a negative and fearful mindset and overwhelming emotional confusion for far too many years  but I have discovered how to enlist  the most incredible magical,  mystical support to manage myself through some extraordinary challenges and I now love helping others do the same.

To discover  how I may assist you, your child, other family members,  friends, or  even a colleague who may be in need of support please visit my Service page Here Now!

To discover more about Glo and her background visit About Glo

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Glo Ramsay - Change Catalyst

Clairsentient - Clairvoyant - Claircognizant 


Author - Healer 

Mind - Heart - Soul Coach

Registered ThetaHealer

Intuitive Counsellor / Coach  

Workshop Facilitator:

Embrace your own 

Inborn Magic and your Heart's Wisdom to

Create the future Your Soul is Longing For ! 

Helping You
to Change negative ways that you may think, feel, believe
so you can
Create and Live a life that You Absolutely Love !

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Yoga at Home


I first went to see Glo because I was struggling with anger.  I had lost two significant people in my life and part of that grief process left anger. 

Glo is incredibly intuitive.  She picks up on exactly what you need, and after that one session I felt a lot better.

I have sent my sons, father and sister to see her and they have all found her to have made a difference to their life. ”  C

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"Glo, you truly transformed my life and I am so grateful."  


"Glo's help was incredible!  I am still feel amazing days later"


"I’m so Happy!  I feel so much lighter.  Like a huge weight has been lifted !"



Contact Glo 

 By Email or Phone or Text 

glo@celestialconsulting.net.nz  |  Tel: 0273638833

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"I'm so glad I came to your Parenting course.

It has helped my relationship with my daughter and with my husband. 

They are both now getting a much better version of me. I totally  recommend you to other parents because my child deserved the best version of me  and thanks to you she now has that! 


Thank you ! " Laura D. 

"The feeling of peace and calm was beautiful. 

I felt an openness and enlightenment I don’t recall experiencing before."   



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