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Welcome and thank you for visiting my About Glo page.
My mission and purpose is to help generous, heart focused women who long to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.
To feel confident to say No to self doubt, excuses, procrastination and to say Yes to their dreams! Yes to their calling!
To Love themselves enough to believe passionately in themselves, trust themselves, and follow their dreams!
Does this sound like You ?


A warm Greeting  to you and thank you for taking the time to read my page. 

I am Glo  Ramsay and I have been helping  families, mainly women and children, for over 30 years in not for profit organisations.  
​I began my training firstly in the early childhood setting which promoted parents as first educators here in New Zealand, the NZ Playcentre Association where I spent 17 years while  raising our  children with my late husband.  

We had 6 children to raise and when we began we had a lot to learn, like most new parents.

I embraced the training as I found positive ways to grow as a parent and a wife and I loved every moment of it.

Before long I began to share my learning with others, firstly as a workshop facilitator, parent educator.  Later I moved into work as a pastoral assistant and counselor, doing further parent education which then led to social work. 

I then found myself called into the role as an advocate to support victims of  abuse, particularly those victims of childhood abuse by those who hold positions of spiritual power, clergy, religious and others.  I had been a victim myself as a little girl.

The burn out from this work hit me after 5 years when I realized that nothing was changing and fighting the resistance was taking a toll on my own health and well being and on my family. 

I left then and entered the corporate world, working in accounts,  specifically in payroll.  2 years after this my family was devastated by the loss of their dad, my husband and soul mate. 

After his death I returned to my work in payroll as a solo mum with 3 school age children still at home where I spent the next 10 years ending up as a manager leading a team of 7  in one of the largest recruitment companies here in New Zealand. 

I enjoyed the work but I missed my previous work with families, so after upgrading  my skills and some intervention by the universe, I returned to social work as a certified Parent Coach.  

The  last decade  saw me focusing  more  on working with parents as a parent coach, social worker, child advocate,  before experiencing my own first ThetaHealing in 2009 which took me on yet another new journey and resulted in me undertaking yet a new training experience  and developing my practice as a ThetaHealer®, Intuitive Counselor, Life Coach. 
I was nominated to be a Champion for our national " It's NOT OK " program  here in New Zealand which confronts Family Violence.  This is  a role which I feel both humbled and at the same time very honored to have accepted. 

I believe that the best way to turn around behavior and create change  is by promoting healthy relationships, healthy communication skills, healthy values and positive life skills, to keep practicing them and developing them within ourselves, and encouraging others to do the same. 

Hence my passion for helping others to do this  through my Assertiveness Training course.  
​To walk our talk as much as we are able, forgiving ourselves when we fall short, and striving to do better next time. 


"Speak Out!  Say No To Secrets"  Is the 'It's Not OK'  message that I promote.  

I have a wealth of tools, skills, knowledge and wisdom that I have been blessed to acquire after  many years of personal healing, counselling, and personal growth as I recovered from the childhood trauma that I experienced while at primary school.


I did this  was while undertaking my own professional training along with hands on practical experience, personal growth and learning in the university of life.

All of which I now humbled, yet grateful to be able to   bring into my professional practice. 

From Trust to Fear to Total Invincibility, Back To Fear, & the Return to Trust !

As a rebellious 17 year old teenager, I rode on the back of a motorcycle with no helmet and felt the anticipation, the excitement, the speed and the freedom,  alongside that nagging fear that would suddenly show itself as a sudden " eek.... but what if  something goes wrong "?   

I would tighten my grip around my future husband's waste, snuggle closer, he would usually nod, sometimes give my knee a reassuring  squeeze or a light tap,  and I would once again feel the trust in his skills and ability, although I would frequently also whisper a prayer to the Angels to keep us both safe.  

It would never be very long before I would feel myself automatically starting to lean as the bike would start dropping sideways as we approached the next bend, then slowly straighten back up. The motor would roar as the revs increased and we accelerated out of the corner.  My long hair would be blown forcefully,  backwards,  sideways,  slapping me in the face, going in my eyes which I'd be forced to close, but that didn't stop the pure pleasure of the excitement.  

It was totally exhilarating. 

Later I became a wife, and then I was a mother, and something changed.

Responsibility for another life, a new and very vulnerable life that trusted in me completely, when I couldn't even trust myself. This new little  life that was dependent on me and his dad to care for, to nurture and protect,  triggered a change in me,  and the voice of fear became much louder than the voice of trust and eventually I stopped riding on the back of a motorcycle. The invincibility of youth was replaced with the reality of responsibility. I had grown up, or at least I thought I had.
In reality,  I hadn't even started to grow up.

There is  a myth that when you reach a certain age that you have finished learning, and all you had to do was settle down and live a perfect ' acceptable' life and fit into society.  That wasn't how it was for me.  I had much more growing up to do, much more learning, and life events would make certain that would happen.

It would take  many years before I was once again able to connect to the voice of Trust.  
When I did, I was shocked to discover that it was also Me that I needed to learn to Trust.
Me that  I needed to learn to believe in.  
Me that I needed to accept and to love unconditionally.
Me that I needed to learn to nurture, to respect, to appreciate, to enjoy being alone with.

Much more about that journey is in my published  book "Soul Destruction - the Ultimate Betrayal"  And it's sequel "Soul Awakening - Defy Betrayal"  which is nearing completion now. 

I have been on that journey and can now say

                            "Yes -I do believe in myself ! I know how to Trust ! 

                                      I do Love and accept myself unconditionally !

                                      I nurture, respect and appreciate myself !                                                                                                  I am very comfortable to be alone with myself!"

In the words of Marianne Williamson: 

“Love is what we are born with.

 Fear is what we learn.

The spiritual journey is the unlearning of Fear and the         Acceptance of love back in our hearts."


Is there something blocking you from living the life that deep down,

you know your heart and soul are absolutely longing for ? 

Why not contact Glo on the link below and have a chat ?  


      "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." ​​

- Dr Wayne Dyer

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