Angels of Light are like Sparks of the energy of

our Creator, our Life Source.

They are filled with the pure unconditional Love filled energy of compassion and empathy which brings special heart warming messages to each one of us.

Love focused messages, without the judgment of ego, as Angels of Light are completely free of any Ego. 


We have each been given the gift of Free Will.  

In other words, we each have the power of Choice!

That includes the choice to ask, to receive, to listen, and to act upon the many messages of light that we receive.

To receive the help of any of the Angels specifically, we do need to Ask as they will never interfere with our own free will, or our own personal choices! 

Much more to come about connecting to the energy of the Angelic Celestial Realm, as Glo herself has been blessed  to have encountered  the miraculous magical guidance, support, wisdom and connection to this amazing love filled  energy throughout her entire life.

More information to come..

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