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ThetaHealing is a belief based healing modality. 
It enables Emotional and Spiritual Healing for holistic Well Being using mystical prayer and meditation  to connect to the energy of Creator's pure Unconditional Love. 

Magical Angel Therapy

Glo's personal  connection with the Angels has been lifelong and when she is helping others  intuitively as a counsellor, coach, or as a ThetaHealer, she is always supported, and assisted  by  Angels who also guided her to discover ThetaHealing originally.    

Glo's personal  'go to'  Angels are Archangels' Michael, Raphael, Azrael, Gabrielle, Metatron, and Ariel. 


More information about all of these and the many other Angels is currently  being collated and prepared for publication in an Ebook.    

Some of ThetaHealing's  Sacred Healings, Clearings  and Downloads that people find incredibly helpful  include : 

Healing of Baby in the Womb
Healing of a Broken Heart 

Cord Cutting 

Healing, Clearing, and the Return of Soul fragments
Past Life Healing and Clearing
DNA Healing and Clearing - this Automatically includes Ancestrol Healing and Clearing. 
Chakra Clearing / Balancing/ Opening ​

Psychic  Connection to Spirit /  Readings 
Clairvoyance - Clairsentience - Clairaudience
Archangel connection  Guidance &  Messages
Intuitive Healing and Readings
Angel Oracle and Tarot Card Readings


Clearing  energies that have become Stuck !


Space Clearing, Rituals &  Blessings
Land, Home, Office, Personal Space

Crystals for Healing & Wellbeing

Glo's love for the Magic of crystals began in 1997 when her late husband was given a crystal to support  him through his terminal illness. Glo regularly uses these to help her clients in numerous ways,  and while she sometimes sells them she is  frequently is called by the Angels to give them away.


For Muscle testing to uncover subconscious negative beliefs, buried DNA curses and Past Life oaths and commitments that can hold you  back from being and doing the things you feel called to.  


Glo's initial personal growth journey began with personal development as a Parent Educator/ Coach/

Social worker / Pastoral counsellor and included the following certifications which she now  incorporates into the Coaching training that she offers including:    

Breakthrough Life Coaching
Abundance Coaching 

Law of Attraction principles

An exciting new Online Coaching course is soon to be launched titled   "28 Days !"    


Parent Coaching - Private Consultations:

Floating Scale/ From  $80- $20- Koha depending on families circumstances. 

Finding Your Voice for Women !  
Assertiveness Coaching -  COURSE  $  300.00
12 hour course - 6 x 2 hour sessions​

or 2 x 6 hour sessions

One on One - private consultations  - 

Small Group Workshops - Exchange as Advertised

Online Webinars - Exchange as Advertised​ with

Affordable Monthly Membership Options!

Some of the Mystical, Emotional, Mindful, and Spiritual practices which Glo is able to tap into  as she helps her clients.