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Soul Awakening!
 Defying the Shame of Betrayal
 Reclaim the Magic of My Soul !



8th November 2019

Change of publisher! Self Publishing!

A rewrite is in process in view of this change with previous

tight deadline now reduced and quality writing and editing now my focus.

Formatting is well underway and looking great! 

Updates coming

21st of October 2019

Proof Reading is done! 

Manuscript is now  getting it's format

re-shaped so it will be ready to go to on it's final journey to the Publisher. 

UPDATE 22nd September 2019

The manuscript for my book is now in the safe and careful hands of my proof reader!

I am so excited to be sharing this as I get closer to  the completion of my first book in which I share my own personal  healing and empowerment journey.

Lifting the Veil of Shame and Betrayal!

My  Story of  Survival, Grace, Personal Growth,  Spiritual guidance and intervention, More Grace, with lashings of Healing and Empowerment.

From the darkness, terror and shame of being a child victim of emotional, sexual and spiritual childhood abuse by an incredibly powerful catholic priest,  to becoming an adult survivor, advocate, educator,  promoting spirituality, living a purpose filled life of counseling, coaching and supporting and healing.

The beliefs I formed, the meaning I gave to events, to the words spoken and the actions of others,  and how it influenced choices I made, relationships,  and other life events.  


In the midst of the priest's abuse of me, discovering that I wasn't who I thought I was, that my parents weren't my real parents, added further confusion and grief to my little world.

My confusion, dysfunctional coping strategies, mistakes, the shame I hid even from myself,  and the learning's. 

My journey from Victim, to Survivor, To Activist, Advocate, and to where I find myself now.  

But most importantly throughout my journey, has been the magical spiritual interventions that  have occurred throughout. 

The synchronicity which at times has been nothing short of 'miraculous', which sustained my ability to never, ever completely  give up on myself or write myself  off, even when I perceived that other's had. 

Writing my story has  been a painful, yet powerful healing and  freeing experience and I hope that by sharing this,  it may resonate in such a way that it may be able to help  even one other person, or inspire one other person, to do the same.

And then, there will be more.​


Two further Self Help books will follow and one of those will be Titled :

"Parenting Post - Trauma !

Things to watch for and  What to do if they start to emerge!"