Heart Focused  Intuitive Parenting!

For Parents Who long for their Child to experience the

Very Best Version of Themselves !

 "Because My Child Deserves The Best Version of Me !"  Laura D  

Workshops - 2020

When you want to create something new where do you start?

 Vision Board!

At Workshop 1 that is where we will begin.

We will look at Long Term Goals and Short Term goals

How they don't always match and how to develop a plan that 

will make sure they can work together. 

Workshop 2

We will look at the natural ages and stages of development and the needs that arise for your child at the different times and how to manage these when they arise. 

Workshop 3

We will be ready to review Behavior challenges, Parenting

Styles - Focus on the strengths, and the needs of your child, yourself, and parenting partners.   

Workshop 4

Exploring the different Personality types and differences has always been one of the most popular modules of these workshops. 

Once again Strengths and Weaknesses  and coming to grips with handling these will be an important focus. 

Workshop 5 

Communication Styles

Strengths and Weaknesses

Workshop 6

Pulling it All together !