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Fully Certified  Online 6 or 8 week Courses 

Certificates  will also be available once the whole course is completed  for those who would like these or for those who require a certificate for custody court, etc.    

 Tips, insights, wisdom, and practical down to earth  information.

If you are a smart and  committed conscious parent who longs for your child to experience  the absolute best, truly authentic version of yourself, and themselves, then Glo may well be able help you!


 "Because my child deserves the best version of me !"  Laura D  



The real truth is that you are given around 17 years  to support and guide  your child's growth and development.   

Sometimes a little longer, sometimes a little less depending on your child's personality, your life circumstances,  societies influences and the influences of other unforeseen events.

But generally speaking, by then they will be making decisions for themselves even though some may still ask for advice, support.

The main focus of our Education systems has been to teach  children so that they can become contributors to society by finding a career pathway to follow once they are adults. To then work, and contribute to society in some way and  by paying tax. 

But what other skills do our children need to live a happy healthy productive life ? 

What other  life skills would you like your child to have developed  by then ? 


Would it be things like -  

Emotional awareness and 

Confidence to express themselves  authentically ?

Spiritual connection, and a positive Mindset? 

Strong positive Self Esteem?

Empathy and care for self and others ?

Self respect?

Healthy positive communication skills ?

The ability to say Yes and the ability to say No confidently?

To believe in their own worth and abilities?

To speak their truth Assertively ?

 To accept and be able to challenge their own weaknesses and limitations?

To accept and be able to celebrate their own strengths and gifts?

As a Spiritual Healer,  many of the things that people come to have healed would not have needed to be healed if they had experienced life differently when they were children.

This was why I myself felt called to train in parenting education as a young mum facing parenting challenges which I felt I was failing to respond positively to, and which left me feeling uncomfortable, not liking myself, feeling guilt and shame and that I was letting my children down.


I saw an article somewhere that read 

"A healthy parent always knows when to ask for help."  It was written by a woman named  Dolores Curren and  gave me the courage to do just that. 

It changed my life, and it helped my late husband to do the same, and is something I have never and will never ever regret doing.


Free Resources  - Watch this space 

When you want to create something new where do you start?

 You start with a dream, a vision, set a goal, develop a plan.

You recognize and  identify challenges that may arise to achieve the objectives of making that dream a reality.

Being a parent, a conscious parent, is one of the biggest and most important challenges you will ever have and there are so many things to consider. 

Different parenting styles, different belief systems, different dreams. expectations, personalities, communication styles and different baggage.


Baggage quite often brings with it some trauma.  Trauma  has a long term habit of depositing itself into our lives at the most inappropriate times.

This workshop will raise this and offer  participants  ways of recognizing  and managing it so it does not revisit the next generation in the way it has been doing for generations.  


What is your dream for you and your child /partner/ family/ others?

If I could wave a magic wand, and go forward in time to 20 years into the future, what would the ideal outcome be for you and your child - family ? 

In Module 1  of this 


this is where we will begin.

Workshop 1

We will look at Long Term Goals and Short Term Goals

How they don't always match and how to develop a plan that 

will make sure they can work together positively for you and your family.

Workshop 2

We will look at the natural ages and stages of development and the needs and challenges that may arise for your child at different times,  how to manage these, and dispel a few myths at the same time.  

Workshop 3

Parenting Styles - Reviewing parenting styles from the past, how they influence us, what would we change, what would we keep?
How do we reconcile parental differences i.e.  cultures, races, values, beliefs etc and remain focused on your strengths and needs, the needs of your parenting partner,  or support person,  and the needs of your child.   

Workshop 4

Exploring the different Personality types  has always been one of the most popular modules of these workshops. 

Once again strengths and weaknesses and how to draw out the strengths and challenge weaknesses with fairness, consistency and respect to once again have a win win outcome. 

Workshop 5

 Communication and its Challenges. 

In this Communication workshop we will explore the use of creative and empowering  communication skills to create win win outcomes,  how to use  these in any situation and how to coach your child  to do the same ! 

Workshop 6

Pulling it All together !  

Strictly limited numbers:

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Next Course start Date        September  2021

Venue                                    ONLINE

Time                                      10.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. New Zealand time

Cost $224.00  for this Full 6 week Course or $39.00 per module

10% of all earnings is donated towards subsidizing costs of delivering  voluntary work to those who desire support and coaching for themselves and their children,  but find it out of their reach. 




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