A brief Update On What I do and Why !

Updated: May 22, 2020

My Change Catalyst Facebook page - is my nurturing, healing and well being space


A space where I love to share helpful supportive information and messages as I am nudged by spirit to do. To be real and authentic. I feel privileged to have been gifted with tools to witness the healing of others alongside the Angels, Spirit Guides, Totem animals, and other beautiful Celestial Beings of Light.

Whether it is healing, counselling, coaching or doing readings my aim is for every client to leave feeling better about themselves and about life.

To celebrate and discover strengths. To believe in themselves, feel confident and positive, to connect and to love and to connect and respect their inner higher self, their wounded inner child, the wise intuition of their inner parent.

To experience the joy of creating the life they are longing for and to never stop looking for the rainbows of hope and more.

This is something I am so committed to and has been a huge motivation for me in my writing and which I have tried to portray in my book.

My Magdalene Sanctuary Facebook page is my Truth telling, Speaking out,

Shame Busting, Activist space. https://www.facebook.com/shamebusters/

This is my advocate space where as a child victim of my parish priest myself, I confront the reality of the trauma of clergy sexual abuse to support other survivors to recognize they are not alone, that the shame is not our shame, and it never has been.

It belongs to those who chose to abuse us and to those who minimized or covered up the abuse.

I aim to share posts which remind all survivors and supporters, to recognize this truth.

To not allow the vile events of the past to define any one of us for the rest of our lives, but to see and acknowledge our own inner beauty, our light, our truth, our inborn entitlement to be loved unconditionally, as our warrior souls emerge.

It is also where I connect strongly with the protective energy of Archangel Michael, and to the gentle energy Magdalene who was also betrayed by being falsely portrayed as a prostitute, and by having her Gospel message almost completely destroyed.

It is my activist space too. As a survivors advocate and activist over 20 years ago, I have tried for years to move on from this topic since being burned out by it. But as I now find myself near the end of my writing, I realize that speaking out, challenging, educating , creating awareness has been a big part of my life contract which I could not ignore.

My father in law instilled into my late husband the quote 'All that it takes for evil to thrive, is for good people to do nothing' which he then frequently shared with me as he encouraged and supported my work in this field.

Staying silent allows abuse to continue and that is why the stories must be told. When I started writing the Royal Commission was a seed that wasn't even planted. My book is finished and now that seed is just starting to show signs of emerging from the ground.

The timing is right.

Heart Focused Intuitive Parenting !

My longest term passion has always been to journey alongside, support and coach parents through the numerous challenges presented during the parenting journey.

My own journey was filled with my own personal challenges so I never stopped learning, taking courses, reading books, as I tried to improve my skills. I never did manage to reach perfection. But I sure learned heaps.

I trained in early childhood, human development, counselling, and trained as a parent coach and educator.

As a parent coach / social worker facilitating parenting workshops, I shared many of my personal challenges as a parent, my lack of knowledge, mistakes I made, anxieties, fears, dis-empowering beliefs and emotional low’s, false assumptions, all of which had numerous impacts on my journey. Of course I shared the successes my late husband and I had as well. More about this in one of my next books titled

"Parenting Post - Trauma ! Things to watch for and what to do if they start to emerge."

My website shares more information on my writing journey.


Thanks for reading my post.

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