Loving myself Enough to follow my Inner promptings to write

Updated: May 22, 2020

My story is deeply personal, and the writing of it has had it's challenges.

Feeling a wide range of emotions as my writing journey is finally starting to get closer to the submission of the manuscript for my first solo book.

With 40,000 words completed and another 10,000 ready and waiting to hit the keyboard and the computer screen, there is a sense of "omg I really am doing this".

It's a bit soon to start to celebrate, but it's certainly not as far away as it was a few months ago. In fact the deadline I have agreed to with the publisher is the 15th August 2019.

While I have been a contributor to other books in the past, my story is deeply personal, and the writing of it has been raw at times and extremely painful. But it has also been incredibly healing, empowering, and richly insightful experience.

It has also been a huge learning curve, and I am now getting an enormous sense of achievement as I get closer to my goal to get this completed and published. The journey is something else that I may choose to write about in a future book.

But before I can do that, I have two others waiting to be written, which will be released together with this one.

So you can expect to hear a bit more from me as I start to share a bit more regularly on my blog about this incredible journey I am on.

Thank you so much beautiful friend, for continuing to follow my journey.

Sending you and your loved ones the richest of blessings,

and so much love and light, on the wings of Angels

Remember to stop for a moment today and smell the flowers !



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