Why I do What I do

I've just been updating my Introducing Glo page on this website and as I was doing it I was reminded of why I am doing what I do.

In the past I have often asked myself why I can't just do an 'ordinary job' and live an 'ordinary life'. How and why have I ended up working as a healer, a coach. But then I asked myself - so what is an ordinary life ?

Perhaps my life is as ordinary as everyone else's in some ways and not in others.

My life didn't begin as an ordinary life with the usual joy at the birth of a new baby. I spent my first Christmas in an orphanage or somewhere similar. I'm not entirely sure where. But I was adopted a few months later which was an absolute blessing and helped me to become kind of ordinary for a while. I was so extremely attached to my parents as a little girl, and I was terrified of being away from them. I recall my Mum taking me to Kindergarten and me clinging to her as she tried to leave me, and then taking me back home again promising not to leave me there again. When It came time to start school however there was no choice. I had to go and I had to stay.

I recall my first day, feeling terrified but gradually I began to relax and settled down. I wasn't to know that within a couple of years I would experience deep trauma which would have a huge impact on me for most of my life affecting not just myself but my parents and my future family.

That is why I do what I do now. Because I have found a way through that has helped me to find what I never ever dared to dream was possible.

And I know that there are so many other's who have had lives that haven't always been 'ordinary' either, and if I can help just some to find their way out of the traps of being dominated by the past instead of embracing the present, and creating a magical future then I believe that has to be much more beneficial than being 'ordinary'.

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