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Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Counselling  with Glo to support your healing journey. 
Competent, Experienced, Confidential,  Professional  and respectful at all times. 

ONLINE or In Person NOW

 Optimistic Mindset 

Coaching you to recognize and  manage negative mind chatter,  negative thinking patterns that may be holding you back and become Master of your own Mind as an Observer and  Positive Creative Thinker who co-creates with the Universe. 

ONLINE or In Person

Spiritual Energy Healing  with ThetaHealing !

Emotional and Spiritual Healing for holistic Well Being using mystical prayer and meditation  to connect to the energy of the Creator  of our Universe's Unconditional  Healing Love

ONLINE or In Person NOW 

Crystal  & Chakra Therapy 

Relax in the energy of Crystals as you experience the clearing, healing, opening and balancing of your Chakra's 

ONLINE or In Person

Empowering  Life & Soul Coaching

This includes various Modules including :
Manifesting and Abundance Coaching, Assertiveness Coaching, and  Parent  and Life Skills Coaching.
Courses and  Workshops as advertised

ONLINE or In Person NOW

Angel Therapy

Archangel Guidance and Messages.

Intuitive Readings

Angel Card Readings

Tarot Readings
All available on Line by appointment.  

ONLINE  or In Person NOW


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